Solutions for a Holistic Optimal Retrofit (SHOR) - 1980s urban end of terrace house

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The project takes a team based approach aiming to develop an integrated, technologically robust, people focussed approach to the retrofit.The house is owned by Charter Housing Association and was built in 1989. It is located within the city of Newport in South Wales and is an end of a terrace 2 storey house with a lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and a garden. Three adults live in the house. Energy savings have been made through modifications to the form and space, fabric and systems in order to achieve 80% carbon reductions required. The works were undertaken during the summer of 2010 and the tenants remained in situ.

Retrofit for the future ZA439S
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Solutions for a Holistic Optimal Retrofit (SHOR) - 1980s urban end of terrace house : Project images

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CO2 emissionsPrimary energy requirement
Energy target
Retrofit for the Future

Energy and fuel use

Fuel use by type
Primary energy requirement
CO2 emissions

Measured data from renewable generation is not yet available.

Fuel use

Electricity use 1505 kWh/yr 2583 kWh/yr -
Natural gas use28020 kWh/yr 454 kWh/yr -
Oil use- - -
LPG use- - -
Wood use- - -
Other Fuel - - -
Primary energy requirement 620 kWh/m².yr 120 kWh/m².yr -
Annual CO₂ emissions 115 kg CO₂/m².yr 28 kg CO₂/m².yr -
Annual space heat demand - 59 kWh/m².yr -

Renewable energy

Electricity generationForecastMeasured
Photovoltaics774 kWh/yr -
Other Renewables Tech--
Electricity consumed by generation --
Primary energy requirement
offset by renewable generation
87 kWh/m².yr -
Annual CO₂ emissions
offset by renewable generation
20 kg CO₂/m².yr -

Calculation and targets

Whole house energy calculation method SAP
Other whole house calculation method-
Energy target Retrofit for the Future
Other energy targets-
Forecast heating load -


Pre-development air permeability test-9.68m³/m².hr @ 50 Pascals
Final air permeability test-7.73m³/m².hr @ 50 Pascals

Project description

Start date14 June 2010
Occupation date12 November 2010
Location Newport Newport  Wales
Build typeRefurbishment
Building sectorPublic Residential
Property typeEnd Terrace
Construction typeMasonry Cavity
Other construction typeOriginally un-insulated
Party wall constructionMasonry Block
Floor area 58
Floor area calculation method Actual Floor Area (SAP)
Building certification

Project Team

OrganisationCharter Housing Association Ltd
Project lead personCharter Housing
Landlord or ClientCharter Housing
ArchitectWelsh School of Architecture
Mechanical & electrical consultant Micaul Solar, C W Electrical
Energy consultantWelsh School of Architecture
Structural engineerEugene Travers Jones
Quantity surveyor
ConsultantVintage Joinery, Welsh School of Architecture
ContractorCharter Building Maintenance

Design strategies

Planned occupancyThree adults in all day.
Space heating strategyGround to water heat pump using radiators with evacuated tube collectors mounted on building which feed into unvented cylinder with solar coil.
Water heating strategyGround to water heat pump using radiators with evacuated tube collectors mounted on building which feed into unvented cylinder with solar coil.
Fuel strategyGas and electric from grid. Renewable energy from GSHP, solar thermal and PVs.
Renewable energy strategy2.1kW Photovoltaic panels.
Passive Solar strategySingle storey solar extension to rear of property. 2m2 solar thermal.
Space cooling strategyNone.
Daylighting strategyExtension has a rooflight and glazed bi-folding door positioned to maximise daylighting and views to the sky from the existing lounge.
Ventilation strategyPositive input ventilation.
Airtightness strategy Robust detailing and new triple-glazed, double-sealed doors and windows.
Strategy for minimising thermal bridges Internal dry lining returned at opening reveals.
Modelling strategyBuilddesk Energy Design 3.4 SAP extension for whole house.
Insulation strategyInternal dry lining incorporated with built in storage in bedrooms, triple glazed windows and doors. Maximising roof insulation.
Other relevant retrofit strategiesLack of amenity and living and storage space has been addressed through the retrofit.
Contextual informationThe property was purchased from the private sector in 1980s and is below space standards for social housing.

Building services

OccupancyThe house will be accoupied by three adults.
Space heatingA ground source heat pump will provide the space heating, this will use a ground loop in a 80 metre bore hole.
Hot waterA solar thermal panel on the extension will proved the bulk of the heat for the hot water, the ground source heat pump will provide a backup to this if required..
VentilationA mechanical heat recovery system will be installed in the loft, this will extracts stale warm air through vents from wet rooms (kitchens, bathrooms etc) and takes it to the ventilation appliance to be exhausted outside. fresh filtered air from outside and supplies it through vents into the habitable rooms of your home (bedrooms, rooms, studies, living rooms).
ControlsThe occupants will be give guidance on the use of the new systems to ensure the control systems are easy to use,
CookingThe existing electric appliance will be replaced by a gas cooker.
LightingLow energy light bulbs will be fitted throughout the house.
Renewable energy generation systemA 2KWhp Photovoltaic panel will be fitted to the roof at the front of the house.
Strategy for minimising thermal bridges

Building construction

Storeys 2
Volume 135
Thermal fabric area 130
Roof description
Roof U-value 0.00 W/m² K
Walls description
Walls U-value 0.00 W/m² K
Party walls description
Party walls U-value 0.00 W/m² K
Floor description
Floor U-value 0.68 W/m² K
Glazed doors description
Glazed doors U-value 0.00 W/m² K installed
Opaque doors description
Opaque doors U-value 0.00 W/m² K installed
Windows description
Windows U-value 0.00 W/m² K -
Windows energy transmittance (G-value) -
Windows light transmittance 100%
Rooflights description
Rooflights light transmittance -
Rooflights U-value 0.00 W/m² K