Energy performance targets

Retrofit for the future

Energy performance targets for the retrofit for the future programme were based on an 80% reduction in CO₂ from an average 1990 baseline for a typical 80m² semi-detached house of 97 kg CO₂/m².yr

  • CO₂ Target : 17 kg/m².yr (if modelled in SAP) and 20 kg/m².yr (if modeled in PHPP * )
  • Primary Energy Target: 115 kWh/m².yr
  • Space Heating: No specific target was set but if the above targets are met, space heating requirements should necessarily be low (i.e. around 40kWh/m².yr)

AECB Silver

Up-to-date and complete information about the AECB Silver standard and building certification can now be found at


More information about Passivhaus certification can be found at the Passivhaus Trust website.


  • Primary Energy: <120 kWh/m2.yr + ((Space Heat demand-15kWh/m2/yr)*1.2)
  • Space Heat Demand:  < 25kWh/m2/yr OR meeting criteria for individual components.
  • Pressurisation Test Result: <1.0 / hr @ 50 Pa