Perceived Comfort Levels

Perceived comfort levels in 76 Retrofit for the Future properties before and after development.


The chart shows the results from a survey of occupants reported comfort in the retrofitted homes, compared to their reported comfort in the home they lived in beforehand, which was sometimes the same house and sometimes a different house. In general, the properties are delivering significant CO₂ emissions reductions with no loss of comfort. That is to say, they rarely stray outside comfortable temperatures or humidity levels, or suffer from poor air quality.

The Technology Strategy Board looked at 23 properties where there was both energy performance data and surveys recording occupants reported levels of comfort before and after retrofit. In 22 of these properties, occupant comfort had either improved or remained the same after retrofit. Of the 13 properties with the lowest CO₂ emissions in the Retrofit for the Future analysis 12 reported either good or excellent levels of comfort, indicating that comfort does not need to be compromised by delivering low-carbon retrofits.

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