Retrofit for the future

retrofit-imageThe Retrofit for the Future competition catalysed the retrofit of over 100 homes across the UK, with an ambition of achieving an 80% reduction in the in-use CO2 emissions of each property. Coordinated by the Technology Strategy Board , the Retrofit for the Future competition encouraged collaboration between housing providers, designers, contractors and researchers, and has helped to stimulate new business opportunities in the retrofit market.
The Technology Strategy Board has now published data and analysis of monitoring data provided by Retrofit for the Future projects, available via the GBC UK website here. They have provided a series of charts showing the performance of the properties, including energy costs, CO2 emissions, and occupant comfort. This data is also being incorporated into the retrofit projects and charts on this website.
You can also download a PDF of the report.
Data provided by Retrofit for the Future projects shows that:

  • Energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be massively reduced by retrofitting homes
  • Retrofit can improve occupants’ comfort and satisfaction with their homes
  • Residents in retrofitted properties are better able to achieve comfortable living conditions at a reasonable cost

The analysis of the data from 37 properties found that three projects achieved the desired 80% reduction in CO2 emissions, with 23 reaching between 50% and 80%.
A key result, aside from the reduction in carbon emissions that followed a retrofit project, was that residents living in retrofitted houses are more able to afford to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature.

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